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Business Support Program


1:1 Advisory Support


Business Leaders Group


Learning & Development Platform


Online Training

1. 1:1 senior advisory support by experienced practitioner with monthly Skype support to drive accountability of development plans for individuals

2. Access to a community of peers to share best practice

3. Capture and track all strategies online confidentially with your advisor

4. Access to 100’s of tools and unlimited use of 10+ training courses to work through individual learning needs 24/7 via Mindshop Online

Investment = A$500 (plus GST) per person, per month

1:1 Advisory Support

Work 1:1 with an experienced business advisor to help you achieve your business goals. Each advisor has firsthand experience in growing a business and is Mindshop accredited.

The context of support can vary from building an initial strategic plan, insights on pricing methodology, methods to rapidly grow your business and increase profitability, assistance in over-coming hurdles and applying new business skills.

• Fast track strategy

• Specific issue resolution

• Personal coaching

• Evolve Business Plans

• Accountability

Business Leaders Group

A key part of our advisory support offering is your participation in business leader groups with your peers. The benefits being:

• Ideas and strategies challenged and tested by business peers

• Monthly combination of face to face workshops and webinars

• Hot topics covered on best practice business improvement

• Run by experienced facilitators

• Learn through doing with practical exercises

• 900 businesses around the world on business forum

Learning & Development Platform

Capture and track all your strategies, actions and professional development in one location. The platform is a central location to work on your business, access support 24/7 and hold you accountable to your plans.

• 24/7 access to advisory support

• Rapidly build skill set

• Capture and track all strategies & actions

• Access resources just-in-time

• 100s of business tools

• Business diagnostics

• Access anywhere via your smartphone

Online Training

Online training provides the ability for participants to upskill just-in-time at the best time for them. Each training module features a high definition training video, overview of the topic and a worksheet to put the skill into practice.

There are over 10 different online training courses available but unlimited combinations of custom courses can be built rapidly to address any training need within the program or with individuals.

• Focus on personal development and accountability

• Structured learning pathways

• 10 online training courses

• 170 + training modules

Walker Hill Advisory.

Ready to start building your custom learning & development plan?


A blend of face to face & online

A powerful blended learning program has the right balance of face to face and online elements to suit each person and their desired learning outcomes.

Proven for high performance

Upskill online

Up-skill quickly online when, where and how you want.

Review 100’s of tools and processes and 9 x 20+ module courses.

Useful tools

Proven tools and processes on 100’s of business and personal development topics aim to simplify the complexity in business.

Tool based learning boosts retention as opposed to just theoretical courses.

Learn by doing

The best way to learn is to start using the new tools & methodologies covered in the program in the business on specific projects assigned by your advisor.

Support is then available 24/7 as hurdles are hit or opportunities present themselves.

Experienced support

Experienced advisors tailor the support to suit the needs of each user.

Using the Mindshop Online platform they can provide 24/7 support as each strategy and action is captured.

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