Leadership Development

Learn how to be a more effective leader in your business.

Leadership Development

Learn how to be an effective leader regardless of your role or seniority in a business. Anybody can read up on the ‘theories’ regarding leadership this solution focuses on implementation of leadership principles and HOW to be an effective leader in a volatile and unpredictable market-place.

What am I going to get from this course?

• An understanding of your leadership style

• Action plans to create immediate momentum

Who should do this course?

• Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of leadership development

• Business owners looking for a platform to capture and track their strategies and actions

• Anyone looking to upskill quickly in the area of leadership development

• Business owners looking for action-orientated bite-sized learning

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Managing vs Leading Are you a manager or a leader? Although these two terms are often used interchangeably, they are in fact describing two very different roles with different strengths and weaknesses.
Module 3 Core Values When setting your vision, it is important to build it on a strong foundation of values. Core Values can be used as decision tools and as vision elements. The core values define the way of life within the organization. 
Module 4 Leadership Style Leadership style is the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. A good leader can adapt and use different leadership styles for given situations.
Module 5 Culture One of the primary responsibilities of a leader is to create and maintain the organizational characteristics that reward and encourage collective effort. Perhaps the most fundamental of these is organizational culture.
Module 6 Locus of Control People have either an external or internal locus of control. By listening to what a person says you can easily tell which style they tend to use. People with an external locus of control are difficult to help.
Module 7 Motivation Often a group will drop in motivation and you will need to show them how to lift themselves using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a tool.
Module 8 Intuition Intuition is a key success factor in leadership. Some describe intuition as a hunch, a gut feeling, an instinct, an inner knowing or an inner voice.
Module 9 Role Model Once you are a leader you inherit additional responsibilities. You become a role model, a person people take their lead from.
Module 10 Change success model Improve probability of change success for any project or initiative
Module 11 Delegation What would you delegate if you had the people, they had the capability and you had the confidence in them?
Module 12 Performance Feedback Most organizations are lacking in regard to an effective management performance review process. The Mindshop Management Competency Audit, or 360 Degree Audit as it is sometimes known, provides a process that you can use to conduct an appraisal on a group of leaders/managers.
Module 13 Rewards and Recognition People have a basic human need to feel appreciated and to be recognized. If you don't give them that, they will seek it out elsewhere. 
Module 14 One Page Plan The one page plan is a simple yet effective tool to develop a business or personal plan. Using the Now, Where, How structure the one page plan shows where the organization, person, or issue is now, where it plans to be at some time in the future, and how it will get there.
Module 15 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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