Personal Growth

Improve life balance, energy levels and clarify your purpose.

Personal Growth

The Personal Growth course is a great way to learn how to accelerate your own personal growth in order to improve life balance, energy levels and clarify your purpose. Often some of life’s biggest hurdles relate to personal challenges. Discover a myriad of simple and powerful tools to assist you map out clear strategies to grow as a personal and lead businesses more effectively.

What am I going to get from this course?

• A structured approach to personal development

• A tool and process to measure and improve life balance, stress management and energy levels

• Practical and simple to implement tools for personal growth

Who should do this course?

• Anyone looking for tools to help with stress management

• Anyone looking for a framework to help them maximise their time and energy

• Anyone looking for action-orientated bite-sized learning

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Self Audit After your final presentation is complete you need conduct a self audit. Self evaluation can take place during your final presentation preparation as you reflect on how well things are going.
Module 3 Life Balance Some people lose sight of some of the important areas of their lives. They often put too much effort into one or two aspects to the detriment of others. This tool demonstrates the need to achieve balance in your life.
Module 4 Bike of Life This tool helps you understand the connection between personal life balance and your business life balance. The relationship between the two is called the 'Bike of Life'.
Module 5 Life Purpose Are you heading in the right direction? Do you know your purpose in life? What are the benefits of knowing your purpose?
Module 6 Visioning One of the most difficult areas of personal improvement is Vision setting. There are numerous methods of visioning. Basically they all involve looking at where you are NOW and then deciding WHERE you want to be and what you need to do to get there.
Module 7 Beliefs The Belief System is a tool used to help explain that a person's belief system is the key determinant of a person's success. For this example we will focus on the belief, 'Fear'.
Module 8 Affirmations Affirmations are a powerful way to creating a positive outcome in your life. They are used as a visioning tool to reinforce your belief system.
Module 9 Intuition Intuition is a key success factor in leadership. Some describe intuition as a hunch, a gut feeling, an instinct, an inner knowing or an inner voice.
Module 10 Value to others Value To Others is the key philosophical platform on which the Mindshop group is based. It centers on the willingness of each person to help others with no strings attached.
Module 11 Barriers People have to deal with barriers on a daily basis. When people feel overwhelmed with difficulties in any part of their life they sometimes lose sight of the benefits that come from attacking 'barriers'. Barriers can be used to create change. This tool shows you how change occurs and the benefits that come from going through the barrier.
Module 12 Stress Management Every person is subject to stress. It is how we deal with it that makes us successful.
Module 13 Energy Audit The Energy Audit tool is a fun way to explain how energy impacts on the performance of individuals. It provides a way of identifying energy givers and energy takers, and suggests who to spend more time with and who to avoid.
Module 14 Motivation Often a group will drop in motivation and you will need to show them how to lift themselves using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a tool.
Module 15 One Page Plan The one page plan is a simple yet effective tool to develop a business or personal plan. Using the Now, Where, How structure the one page plan shows where the organization, person, or issue is now, where it plans to be at some time in the future, and how it will get there.
Module 16 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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