Profit Improvement

Improve the profitability of any business.

Profit Improvement

Learn how to improve the profitability of any business by removing up to 30% of the inefficiencies (waste) that occurs every day.

What am I going to get from this course?

• A structured approach to overall business improvement

• Practical and simple to implement tools for identifying profit improvement opportunities

• A proven methodology to eliminate waste and inefficiencies in your business

• Action plans to create immediate improvements on your bottom line

Who should do this course?

• Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of how to increase profits in a business

• Business owners looking for a platform to capture and track their strategies and actions

• Anyone looking to upskill quickly in the area of profit improvement

• Business owners looking for action-orientated bite-sized learning

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Business Improvement Stages This tool provides a simple business improvement model to explain the relationship between the structure of an organisation, the waste in the organisation, and the beliefs of the people working in that organisation. The analogy of an iceberg is used to illustrate that the structure is visible but the waste and beliefs are "beneath the surface" and are harder to see.
Module 3 Profit Formula Practical tool for identifying profit improvement opportunities.
Module 4 Seven Wastes Waste elimination can be one of the most effective ways to increase profitability in businesses as part of the Continuous Improvement Process. To eliminate waste it is therefore important to fully understand exactly what waste is and where it can be found.
Module 5 One Page Plan The one page plan is a simple yet effective tool to develop a business or personal plan. Using the Now, Where, How structure the one page plan shows where the organization, person, or issue is now, where it plans to be at some time in the future, and how it will get there.
Module 6 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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