Sales Performance

Learn how to accelerate sales performance in your business.

Sales Performance

Learn how to accelerate sales performance your business. Leveraging the tools and methodologies from experienced sales scientist Mike Boyle from Banjar Group (who is also an accredited Mindshop facilitator).

What am I going to get from this course?

• A set of easy to implement sales tools and processes for driving sales success

• Learn various strategic tools such as sales planning, how to open sales conversations and the steps to sales success

• A personalised sales plan for business owners required to present and sell your products or services to the market

• A Well-rounded business development skill set that can be instantly implemented in your business

• Action plans to create immediate improvements on your top line revenue

Typical Learning Outcomes

• Identify your sales target reducing the time wasted on poor prospects

• Explore or identify your level of sales competency

• Get a rounded explanation of your sales steps to success

• Improve skills & techniques in sales interactions

• Develop a simple plan for business development in your business

Who should do this course?

• Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of how to increase sales in a business

• Business owners looking for a platform to capture and track their strategies and actions

• Anyone looking to upskill quickly in the area of sales performance

• Business owners looking for action-orientated bite-sized learning

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Sales Competency Model A competency is an employee's characteristic that contributes distinguishably to successful performance in a specific role. The right competencies make the difference between good and bad performance in a particular role.
Module 3 Zebra Planning Having a well defined profile of your 'ideal customer' can prove to be invaluable when determining which methods to use for lead generation, and improves the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
Module 4 Sales Standard Now that we have looked in detail about your target customers its time to look further at our actually sales process to convert those customers.
Module 5 Sales Process – Mindmap As we start to look deeper into your sales process we first need to understand that one characteristic that makes a salesperson successful is the careful use of their selling time.
Module 6 Suspect to Prospect A sales process is put in place to maximise effectiveness in our sales roles. It does not mean we have to become robots, however using your personal style and using this process as a guide or 'game plan' to follow, you can achieve a more consistent sales result.
Module 7 Prospect Criteria Now that you have greater clarity to your sales process how will you decide which contact to call first?
Module 8 Activity Planning – Sales Rockets Positive results in selling can be attributed to the successful conversion of leads to sales. Your sales activity of the past equates to the sales success you are presently experiencing.
Module 9 Mapping Pipeline Part of any effective pipeline process requires time and effort to have a real opportunity to convert possible business into actual sales in essence, the more milestones your reach with a customer the greater the probability for success.
Module 10 PPP You have now successfully looked at developing Sales Essence, understood your customers and mapped out clearly your sales process / pipeline. It's now time to look at the skills and techniques required to put all this planning into practice.
Module 11 Questioning The art of successful questioning is a vital skill for any sales professional wanting to take a consultative approach to selling.
Module 12 Closing and Advancing Closing is one of the most talked about sales topics. Everyone wants to know how to close and how to speed up the buying process.
Module 13 Objections Every top sales person knows they will face objections. The most successful sales people aggressively prepare for the objections beforehand and address them directly, in order to win the sale. You can too.
Module 14 Big One Page Plan Once you have been successful in gaining an appointment, you can use the Now Where How Plan process to engineer sale and conversions.
Module 15 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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