Self Confidence

Discover the tools and processes to overcome negativity and boost your levels of self-confidence.

Self Confidence

Learn how to improve your level of self-confidence with this solution developing by leading clinical psychologist (and Mindshop advisor) Dr Darryl Cross. Discover the tools and processes to overcome negative self-talk, self-sabotage and fears while mapping out a clear plan to boost your levels of self-confidence.

What am I going to get from this course?

• Discover the tools and processes to overcome negative self-talk, self-sabotage and fears while mapping out a clear plan to boost your levels of self-confidence.

Who should do this course?

• Anyone wanting to increase their self-confidence

• Anyone looking to upskill quickly in the area of Self-confidence

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Self-Sabotage and Inferiority It is now more common to hear the phrase "self-sabotage" used by people. Previously, people used to report that they suffered from what was generally called an "inferiority complex". Sometimes too, we hear people talk about their "limiting beliefs". These terms have been used widely in the general community, but what do we mean by them? Are they the same? Essentially, the answer is "yes".
Module 3 Life Potential Your bad habits can be changed. Your imagined fantasies can be altered. Of course, this assumes that you really want to change the way you behave and act. There are however, no short-cuts. If you're motivated to change, you can change anything – but you have to be motivated. 
Module 4 Values What are values? They are considered to be a person's principles or standards of behavior. A judgment about what's important in life. A perspective on what life's priorities are all about. Can you see how important it might be to really identify what your life values might be?
Module 5 Life Purpose Are you heading in the right direction? Do you know your purpose in life? What are the benefits of knowing your purpose?
Module 6 Vision Setting Now that you have your core values, your sense of purpose and your life direction, what is your Vision Statement or your Vision for yourself? People talk about it but rarely do people create true visions. Certainly, we often create visions for our businesses and for our organizations and corporations, but rarely for ourselves.
Module 7 Fear Now that we have greater clarity to our purpose and vision, we need to focus on what gets in the way of us living at our purpose or vision. What stops us from being confident in who we are and were destined to be?
Module 8 Self Talk Now that we have looked at and better understood your fears, we need to look closely at your Self-talk. What is "self-talk" you might well ask? Your Self-Talk is sometimes referred to as self-chatter, self-talk, and internal dialogue.
Module 9 Negative Self-Talk It has been suggested that most of our self-talk is negative in orientation. Clinically, as I talk to people intimately about their life and its circumstance, it is clear that many individuals are locked into negative self-talk. It's almost like it has become a habit. People seem to automatically slip into self-criticism, self-judgment, looking on the worse side of things and expecting the worst.
Module 10 Eliminating Daily Negative Self-Talk Now that we have identified your Negative Self-Talk (and the 5 big negative emotions that go with it), how do we eliminate it? Believe it or not, your self-talk determines your attitude. You are always thinking. You think of things in your future and you think of things about your past. Your mind wanders in all sorts of ways.
Module 11 Self-Picture Positive self-pictures or mental imagery is an exercise requiring conscious effort. It is a way though, to influence the subconscious mind.
Module 12 Energy Audit The Energy Audit tool is a fun way to explain how energy impacts on the performance of individuals. It provides a way of identifying energy givers and energy takers, and suggests who to spend more time with and who to avoid.
Module 13 Self-Confidence Plan Taking the wealth of information, paradigm shifts and tools/processes you have gained from this Self-Confidence course into consideration, it is now time to start bringing it all together into a plan you can implement successfully into your daily life.
Module 14 Obstacles How do we really make all this happen though? We've been on a personal journey. We've examined our life purpose, our vision for ourselves, we've analyzed our self-talk and how to eliminate it, we've created a self-picture of how we want to be and we've looked at ways to ensure that we have energy to produce the results we want.. So how do we follow though?
Module 15 Change We have discussed at different points of this course, any personal improvement involves change. The involvement and commitment, of everyone involved in a change process, must be at a high level for the change process to occur and be maintained. In your case, you need to ensure that the people supporting you are involved and that you have a high level of commitment.
Module 16 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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