Strategic Planning

Learn the steps required to deliver a strategic planning session with your team.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning course is a fantastic way to learn the steps required to deliver a strategic planning session with your team. 

What am I going to get from this course?

• Clarity around your strategy for the year ahead

• Key skill sets and methodologies to continuously and consistently improve your business

• Action plans to create immediate momentum

Who should do this course?

• Anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of how to run a strategic planning session with their team.

• Business owners looking for a platform to capture and track their strategies and actions

• Anyone looking to upskill quickly in the area of Strategic Planning

• Business owners looking for action-orientated bite-sized learning

Modules included:

Module 1 Course Overview Course overview and setting your objectives.
Module 2 Mindshop Process This is the overall framework that Mindshop uses as the 'umbrella' process to drive long-term strategic change with people and organizations. The left-hand side of the process is where the short-term issues are addressed, the lessons from this implementation then used to develop a SWOT analysis, which is used on the right-hand side of the process to develop the strategic issues.
Module 3 Now Where How Now - Where - How is a simple process to follow in order to develop a practical business plan or help resolve any issue. It forces you to think about where you are NOW, WHERE you want to be and then come back to developing the strategies and actions as to HOW you will get there.
Module 4 Visioning One of the most difficult areas of personal improvement is Vision setting. There are numerous methods of visioning. Basically they all involve looking at where you are NOW and then deciding WHERE you want to be and what you need to do to get there.
Module 5 Strategic Planning Model A business plan can be a one page version or a 50 page version, but it needs a framework that is consistent. This tool provides a further strategic framework on which you can shape an effective business plan.
Module 6 Sustainable Competitive Advantage The Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) is used as a filter for all the issues that an organisation faces. It is used as a method to allocate resources i.e. time and money to the issues that will allow the organisation to win in the market place.
Module 7 Strategic SWOT A Strategic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis is a tool used in the development of strategy.
Module 8 Mindmapping A Mindmap lets you rapidly produce and record an almost infinite number of ideas and at the same time organise them by placing each idea next to what it is related to.
Module 9 Pareto This tool is used when you need to sort out the (vital) few key issues from the (trivial) many issues we need to consider each day. Pareto Analysis is based on the premise that 80% of problems we face are due to 20% of the possible causes.
Module 10 Force Field Analysis Force Field is used to develop action plans by discovering what can be done to double the impact of the positive forces impacting on the issue and at the same time halving the forces that are impacting negatively on the issue. It is appropriate as a problem solving tool for virtually any issue.
Module 11 One Page Plan The one page plan is a simple yet effective tool to develop a business or personal plan. Using the Now, Where, How structure the one page plan shows where the organisation, person, or issue is now, where it plans to be at some time in the future, and how it will get there.
Module 12 Course Exam A final exam to test your retained knowledge from completing this course.

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